So ive been accused of being somewhat of a procrastinator… In an effort to dismiss this rumour here I am only a two weeks after starting this blog making my first post, not bad at all if you ask me!!

So what is all this blog non sense about?? Well it occurred to the fine miss A and I that our many random sarcastic, corny and slightly offensive conversations really should be documented in a public forum where they can be truly appreciated. Or maybe we are just board and are looking for something to do. I guess that will be determined if anyone actually ends up reading this…

Anyway, welcome to T and A’s blog of corny wins, epic fails and pointless rants. There will be more to come. Some of it may be better and more coheriant than others, but thats the chance you take when you read a blog with pointless rants in its name…but yeah…stay tuned!!

Ohh and Im T by the way