Alright, so its been a while since I posted anything…I figured it was about time I left my mark on the blogosphere again.

So, its summer time, we are all loving the hot weather and long days accompanied by drinks on nice patio somewhere. There is one thing about summer that has been bugging me lately, especially relating to the drinks on the patio part.  That thing is ice…I understand the idea of putting ice in your drink, and on the surface it seems to be a logical and resonable idea. The thing I hate about ice has nothing to do with the cooling effect it has on the drinks its added too, in fact that I appreciate. That cooling effect however, is only good if your taking more then say five minutes to drink your beverage and it has time to warm up from its presumed origionally cool state. Over looking the cooling benefits of ice, there really isnt much else going for it when added to beverages. It makes it difficult to take a decent swallow with out the ice backing up against your teeth and lips, unless your using a straw and going back to the cooling effect vs time issue, the longer you take to consume your beverage the more watered down it becomes and there for less flavourfull and in many occasions less potent…This is why ice have been overrated for far to long.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. Hope everyones is having a great summer, and you have had a chance to cosume a few cool beverages ice or no ice, depending on your preference of course…