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So its that time of year again…

Well it’s that time of year again when you start to imagine all that free time you are about to have and your dreams turn towards sun filled days of relaxation and bliss as summer approaches. However there is that little optical in your way…the remaining end of your term and everyone’s favorite thing about school….Exams!!! So in honor of my current procrastination i present a little something a friend of mine wrote on the subject a year ago that i think captures the experience to the T.

Enjoy, im sure many of you can relate.

Last night I realized that just like grief exam periods have 5 stages….

1-Denial-“Exams couldn’t seem farther away”, This is early in the exam period when it doesn’t seem like it is the end of the semester is coming, leaving you with only a few mere weeks to write thousands of eloquent words and cram endless amounts of useless information. At this stage you are out partying, playing on facebook,making summer plans etc. you are not stressed because you are not even acknowledging whats around the corner.

2-Anger-“why me?…Why did I take this class? Why does it have a final exam? Why is the prof trying to ruin my life? This stage settles in once you realize just how much work you have to do in a very small amount of time. By this point you have settled into the sweat pants you will wear for the rest of the month and you use the term “FML” at the end of every sentence.

3-Bargaining “Who can I pay to write this essay?” “Who sort of looks like me to write my exam instead?” “How can I convince the prof to throw me some bonus marks?” This is the point in the exam period when you waste countless hours determining ways other then just studying and doing the work yourself, to get you through. You will beg, wish, and pray for an easy solution but in the end find you have only wasted more time.

4-Depression Settles in once you realized its come down to you and only you to get the work and studying done. You feel hopeless, frustrated, bitter as you spend countless hours in weldon or locked away in your room. You develop self pity and feel like you have more work and harder work then all of your friends. The end seems eons away, when in reality you are just a few days from freedom.

5-Acceptance. One day or late night while you are studying you will have a “fuck-it” light bulb moment, when you realize you are doing all you can do and anything else just isn’t possible. At this point you are ready for the end of exams and whatever mark you get you are going to be okay with (unless you fail in which case you can repeat these 5 stages next semester). Once you have gotten to acceptance you are just a few exam writing hours away from drinking copious amounts of tequila and reflecting on how you managed to survive another semester.

Ain’t student life great? ūüėČ


Lets get this Blog Ball Rolling!!

So ive been¬†accused of being somewhat of a¬†procrastinator…¬†In an effort to dismiss this rumour here I am only a two weeks after starting this blog making my first post, not bad at all if you ask me!!

So what is all this blog non sense about?? Well it occurred to the fine miss A and I that our many random sarcastic, corny and slightly offensive conversations really should be documented in a public forum where they can be truly appreciated. Or maybe we are just board and are looking for something to do. I guess that will be determined if anyone actually ends up reading this…

Anyway, welcome to T and A’s blog of corny wins, epic fails and pointless rants. There will be more to come. Some of it may be better and more coheriant than others, but thats the chance you take when you read a blog with pointless rants in its name…but yeah…stay tuned!!

Ohh and Im T by the way